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Information about that place that has the bomber-guy

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I’m a geek.  As is fitting one of my geek-ness, I am a member at a website called

They do all sorts of things, but are best known for the machinima web-series Red vs Blue (based upon Halo).  There are members from all over (even the fictional land known as Canada).

One of the members is from Trip, and he’s discovered that the L government, while blocking things like twitter and Facebook, aren’t blocking RoosterTeeth’s site, which allows for members of the site to post journals, pictures, and video.

So he’s doing that.

Because fuck them, that’s why.

Here’s the link to his profile, where you can see his entries.  Maybe you’ll have to sign up for a membership, I dunno.  It’s pretty straight-forward and simple. If you have to, do it. It’s worth it to read.

Note: All country/city names have been been shortened in the hopes that RT stays unblocked there for as long as possible.

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