The Jury Talks Back


Recall the Fresno County Registrar.

Filed under: California Politics — aphrael @ 1:42 pm

Apparently Fresno County printed the wrong ballot title and summaryfor Proposition 23.

(The summary had been changed by court order, but the Fresno County registrar wasn’t keeping track of it, apparently, and so the ballots went out with a title and summary that a state court had ordered off the ballot).

“Fresno County is a county of significant size in California and in a close election, its vote, now tainted by this serious error, could call into question the state results and possibly give rise to an election contest and require a new statewide election on Proposition 23.” So says an attorney for the Yes-on-23 campaign. And she’s right: if state law requires a particular title and summary and a different one was provided on the ballot, it’s not even clear that the election results are valid.

I’m pretty forgiving of most human errors. But this one is inexcusable.

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