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Frum Fires Knepper, Blames NewsRealBlog For Making Him

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David Frum has finally fired hebephile Alex Knepper.

In doing so, David Frum continues to be an apologist for the worthless little pile of shit pervert, and blames NewsReal Blog for forcing him to do the right thing…

When you have to be forced to do what is right, and then bitch about it later, you’re a fucking worthless pile of shit, and probably just need to go away and die.

David Swindle has a rebuttal for the 14 blatant lies Frum had in his remarks. You should read it.

Also, I would like to say a few words regarding Alex and his “Libertarianism”.  Alex and those like him are why libertarianism has a bad name.  He uses the excuse of personal liberty to validate his perversions, much like those who claim to hold libertarian ideals because they don’t like paying taxes and want heroin to be legal.

The idea of “Personal Liberty” includes the notion – often ignored by many – that your actions do not infringe on the liberties of others.  That is to say, you can go ahead and do hits of ecstasy, but you aren’t allowed to drop it in the drink of the inattentive girl at a frat party so that you can get her in the mood.  While many might debate at what age someone is capable of giving real and informed consent regarding sexual acts, there are certain ages that are agreed to be “too young” and Alex likes them within that “too young” range.  There is also the ignored fact that, regardless of what a Libertarian might think, the laws on the books are the laws on the books – just because you think it should be perfectly legal to snort some blow off the ass of a hooker, it is still illegal to do so (for so many different reasons).

Alex Knepper is no sort of libertarian (big OR small “L”).  He’s just a garden-variety pervert, and should be treated as such.

And so, having done my good deed for the decade, I again depart this blog.  This was, as I had said, not a home-coming.  This was a short stop to make sure a pervert got all the exposure possible, along with his apologist employer.  That goal having been accomplished, I will no longer remain.

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