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Arizona boycott backfiring?

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Human Events reports that the widespread call for a boycott of the state of Arizona appears to be having the opposite effect, at least so far, as supporters of the law are flocking to visit and do business with the state.

“There are no negative effects I can quantify,” said Tony Venuti, publisher of AZ Tourist News and webmaster of a pro-Arizona business site. “There have been cancelations caused by the boycotts, but for every cancellation, four or five (reservations) are coming in.”

More tourism businesses are reporting to Venuti that they are seeing increased business that they attribute to the reaction against the boycott calls. Venuti says the news coverage of the immigration enforcement law is skewed to represent the 30% nay-saying minority opposed to the law, and largely ignoring the viewpoint of an overwhelming number of supporters.

Arizona Fights Back, a web site set up by Gilbert, Ariz. resident Brett Scott, promotes a reverse boycott of municipalities and groups that have attacked Arizona SB 1070.  Another site, Buycott Arizona, also provides a reverse boycott list, as well as a list of Arizona-based companies to support.

On a personal note, at the time of the initial boycott calls by California cities that should mind their own business, I decided to extend my upcoming road trip to Las Vegas with two additional nights at a Pointe Hilton resort in Phoenix.  The Grand Canyon State offers many exciting and memorable experiences for travelers, some of which I will highlight in an upcoming post.

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