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I did what?

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I’m sorry, JeffyG, but fuck you.

No.  I’m sorry, that isn’t quite accurate…

Fuck you, you lying mother fucker.

As I noted elsewhere, Marc’s references to my having told a few people over the years that if I ever met we’d not spend time talking suggests to me that Marc’s read more ABOUT those instances than he is familiar with how they came about. And that’s fine: if he wants to make judgments second hand, that’s his right. The only problem is, to do so is to risk getting the facts wrong, and so publicly condemning someone over something you know little about.

Or, he could be absolutely right.  Trust me, asshole, if one knows you in even the most minute way, condemning you is where the safe money is, if they have even the barest trace of integrity.

Over the years, I’ve had people threaten my son, wish me and my family death from cancer, or in airplane crashes, etc. I have made it clear — first by attempting to use the legal system — that attacks on my family are off limits. I have, on rare occasion, responded to what I considered the most egregious of those types of comments by letting the persons writing them know that, should I meet them in person, I wouldn’t hesitate to snap their forearm or break their ankle.

First, let me say clearly, and without equivocation: threats against someone’s family are not merely “not ok”, but utterly and completely wrong, and can not be forgiven.  While I loath certain people, threatening their family is not something I would ever do, nor would I ever condone it.

That being said, for this fuck-stick – this seeping anal-wound that attempts to pass himself off as an actual and worthwhile human being – to try and claim he only threatens people who have made threats first is an utter and complete fucking lie.

I welcome anyone who can find a single instance where I have threatened JeffyG’s family, let alone JeffG at any point prior to 1:18am on December 14th, 2009.

As a reminder, he said “Scott Jacobs is one of those guys I mentioned that if I ever met him in person, I’d leave him in a heap, mewling like a baby pussy.”

I don’t apologize for that. I don’t go looking for these people, and to date — having run a blog for close to 9 years — I haven’t yet had a single altercation.

I know you haven’t.  There is a reason I wasn’t fearful when I accepted your challenge, JeffyG.  People like you are only brave when you have the safety of distance to rely upon.  “Internet courage” is hardly something I am unfamiliar with – If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been threatened by some moronic pile of shit would wouldn’t even bring himself to look me in the eye (let alone take a swing at me) were we to meet in person, I would be a wealthy man.

To be sure: JeffyG’s modus operandi is to first attempt to gain his opponent’s submission by outing their identity.  He’s done it to Fritz, and he’s outed nk’s first name in the hopes of causing them at least some sort of harm – whether merely societal/professional, or in the hopes of physical harm coming to them I do not know and will not further speculate upon.  In my case, that wasn’t exactly an option – it is hard to out someone’s identity when they publicly operate under their real name.

And thus, he went to Plan B – threats of violence.  I’m sure he was at the least a bit perplexed when I accepted his kind offer.  I’m more than aware that there are people alive – a great many people, in fact – that could easily kick my ass.  I am not, however, about to back down when threatened – if my ass gets kicked, then so be it…

I just don’t think that JeffyG is one of those people, even if I thought he had the balls to follow through.

So, in closing, JeffyG is a lying fuckwad, a dishonest asshat, and a waste of air.

Fuck you, JeffyG.

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