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Commerce Clause?

Filed under: Uncategorized — Scott Jacobs @ 8:22 pm

I heard race-baiter (and-all around idiot), Congresswoman Shiela Jackson-Lee, mention today that the Interstate Commerce Clause gives the government the authority to regulate insurance, and to force us to go get insurance.  When I heard this, I virtually exploded with invectives.  I was like a Profane Loom, weaving a tapestry of vulgarity.

I did so, because while the ICC gives the Government broad – overly broad in my opinion – powers to regulate anything that comes within 100 feet of interstate commerce, I’m pretty sure that it can’t touch something that is actually forbidden from being sold outside of a state.  Congress had the chance to make insurance an interstate thing, but it chose not to.  Health insurance remains a solely intrastate commodity.

So if something in Illinois can only be sold in Illinois, how the flying monkey-fuck can the ICC be used to justify it’s regulation??

The answer, I suspect, has something to do Congressional understanding of the Constitution.

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