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Tech suggestions

Filed under: Uncategorized — Scott Jacobs @ 10:57 pm

I recently got a new phone (and phone number).  I went with the nicely-priced Samsung Omnia from Verizon, and thus far am very happy with it.  I added an Otterbox case, which includes a screen-protector, and the belt clip is quite nice (I hate having some nubbin that slots into a belt clip on the back of my phones, so a tray-style clip is perfect).

My only issue us that I don’t have a good bluetooth headset.  I have tried several over the past couple of years, but I ended up hating each one.  They just don’t ever seem to fit well, or they had shitty sound.

I am asking for suggestions, and in addition I’d like for you to defend your suggestion with why you like it, and list a couple of cons along with the pro’s.  I’ll likely try to find a wireless place in the next week or two that has some for me to try on.

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