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Tech suggestions

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I recently got a new phone (and phone number).  I went with the nicely-priced Samsung Omnia from Verizon, and thus far am very happy with it.  I added an Otterbox case, which includes a screen-protector, and the belt clip is quite nice (I hate having some nubbin that slots into a belt clip on the back of my phones, so a tray-style clip is perfect).

My only issue us that I don’t have a good bluetooth headset.  I have tried several over the past couple of years, but I ended up hating each one.  They just don’t ever seem to fit well, or they had shitty sound.

I am asking for suggestions, and in addition I’d like for you to defend your suggestion with why you like it, and list a couple of cons along with the pro’s.  I’ll likely try to find a wireless place in the next week or two that has some for me to try on.


Quickly, to the blogs!!

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“They do not worship The Jeff, and thus we must act like ass-hats!!”

I’m just going to focus on Part V, which focuses on me.

Scott Jacobs has also made quite a few threats of violence on Patterico’s site. And he, too, has never earned a reprimand from Patterico for doing so.


While I don’t think she meant it in a mean way, I have to say that were I Professor Gates, I would threaten savage beatings from some of Harvard’s finest hooligans should my family not keep their noise-holes shut.

Last thing he needs is every minority cop making him their personal hobby, pulling him over for everything from “safety checks” to failure to come to a full and complete stop at stop signs.

Comment by Scott Jacobs — 8/2/2009 @ 7:21 am

We’ll start here, because apparently, speaking as Professor Gates and what he should do regarding his family and their inability to keep their noise-holes shut is me threatening violence.

But saying that he’s leaving me beaten isn’t.

Is there a flow chart I can use here?  Anyways, we continue…



For Mr. “I’m too retarded to know when I should shut-the-fuck-up” Adkins.

Hey Chuck, you fat fuck, how about you fall in a well and die, huh?

Seriously, you grubby wonder-tard, you would make a rude comment about a guy’s wife? Really?

When was the last time a woman touched you without it being A) an accident B) part of her job (nurse/whatever) or C) have there be money involved?

Nice picture of your mom’s house, douch. How about you go to the basement and show us what your room looks like?

Asshatted fucktard. Seriously, catch on fire, and while you burn, think about how glad all those strippers and whores will be, now that they don’t have to touch you anymore…

Die, and raise the average global IQ. Take one for the team, instead of eatting our food, you lardass.

I’ve shat things that look less pathetic than you. I’ve seen roadkill on the highway that disgusts me less. I’ve seen corpses with more brain activity…

It is actually now my mission in life to live longer than you, simply so I can piss on your headstone, and shit in your coffin. Judging by your girth, I shouldn’t have to wait very long.

Comment by Scott Jacobs — 12/12/2007 @ 2:45 pm

So telling someone to burst into flame and fall down a well is equal to gleefully talking about breaking someone’s ankles…  Interesting.

This is the best one, in my opinion…

we don’t appreciate “art” like this where i live. like most performance “artists”, this guy just wanted to cause sufficient provocation to get his name in the paper. well, you can get your name in the paper after the secret service closes your exhibition, and you can also get your name in the obituary section after angry private citizens part your hair with pool cues.

the first amendment is an interesting constitutional abstraction for which i stand up almost all of the time, but when you start talking about assassinating presidential candidates, then i’m going awol from your unit. then, it’s meet and right for cops to question you to determine your motives and intentions. i’m old enough to remember jfk, rfk and mlk when they actually happened, not from a history class.

this post is a fitting cousin to the tiger attack post. refrain from mocking and taunting dangerous animals. there’s no moat wide enough, no wall high enough to afford you 100% guaranteed safety from some of these animals. ok everybody, go ahead and call me a benighted philistine for the rest of the thread.

Comment by assistant devil’s advocate — 6/5/2008 @ 6:53 am

Nope, you’re dead on here in my mind, ADA…

Comment by Scott Jacobs — 6/5/2008 @ 6:56 am

Note how telling someone that they are dead-on (I forgot a hyphen, so sue me) is a threat of violence.  Really Jeff?  That’s the best you got?

And then there is this:


Now, Jake Tapper (one of the few real journalists left, and one of the VERY few people who report on Washington that I respect) is taking people to task for attacks on Meghan McCain. One of the things he’s on about – maybe rightly, maybe not – is the cowardly nature of talking shit to people over the Internet. Even saying “I’d say it to her face” is pretty empty usually, because most don’t use their real names.

Now, if there have been threats made, then I’d be the first person to step up and put down the jack-ass making those threats. I don’t stand for that. Hate someone all you want, but baring REALLY serious stuff, threats are not acceptable. Flat out not cool. Just like I’d kill with my bare hands anyone who tried to kill or injure the President. There are limits.

He missed where I said I’d kill anyone who harmed the President.  Apparently that’s ok (good), but it isn’t ok to defend someone from threats.  Ok. Jeff.  I think I get the picture…

In addition, Scott Jacobs came over to Jeff’s blog, and tried to escalate what was until then a cyberspace pissing match into an imminent real-world encounter:

Comment by Scott Jacobs on 12/14 @ 8:28 am #

“Comment by Jeff G. on 12/14 @ 1:18 am #”

Bring it, bitch. Any time you find yourself wanting to test your theory, I’m more than willing to give you my address so you can swing on by.

Any day, any time, I will re-arrange my schedule to make the 5 minutes it would take to ruin your manly-man self-image.

Ahhh.  So to answer the challenge is to escalate…

So what does that say about Jeff accepting, and requesting my address via e-mail?

I’d comment on his site, but either he or one of his sycophants would just change my words, mainly because they can’t think of anything intelligent to say.

If we did car insurance this way…

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If Obamacare was instead about about car insurance (“ObamaCar”), it would work like this

1. All people, whether they drive or not, must have pre-paid commuting coverage, covering all their needs while operating a car, or otherwise engaged in ground transportation.

2. Such policies must cover mechanical repairs, gas, oil, towing, rental cars, bus passes, taxi fares and all routine vehicle maintenance in addition to the old-style “liability and collision” coverage.

3. No one will be required to pay more than 10% of their income for transportation, and the poor will not have to pay more than 2%.

4. People convicted of drunk driving, young drivers and people with lots of tickets or accidents cannot be asked to pay more than 2 or 3 times the premium paid by drivers with spotless records and 20 years of experience.

5. People who run their cars without water, oil or ignore other normal maintenance are still completely covered when it comes to repairs, and new coverage may not be refused due to vehicle disrepair.

6. In order to get the vote of several Senators, Hummers are not covered beginning next September 31st in Nebraska, full-serve gasoline is covered in Oregon, and people in Louisiana get free semi-annual car washes. Oh, and Chicago gets a new airport.

7. People who don’t have approved coverage (e.g. only have liability and collision coverage), will be taxed/penalized for several thousand dollars.

8. The government will contract with General Motors to produce and provide vehicles to those that are unable to obtain them in the marketplace.

9. Use of limousines or luxury vehicles would be taxed, except those operated by non-profits or governments, those made by union members, or those driven in states whose Senators supported this bill.

10. Taxes for this start immediately — but only on other people — and payouts start in 4 years. The 10 year cost for this is only $1 trazillion, but for some reason we are unable to calculate what the cost will be in year 11.

While opponents vow to repeal ObamaCar immediately after the next election, or at least not fund a dime of it, just try to get “free gasoline” repealed after gas goes to $15/gallon, due to the sudden spike in demand.


Fake Steve Jobs on AT&T

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If you have an iPhone, and especially if you’ve heard AT&T’s whining about how the iPhone is tapping out their network’s data bandwidth, this is worth a few minutes read.

[Regarding Meet the Beatles] Now, the thing about that album was, on the day it hit the U.S. the whole world changed. Like, before that day, the world was one way, music was one way, culture was one way — and then after that day the world was never the same ever again, and as soon as you heard that album you knew that, and even if you were only nine years old, which I was, you just knew. You knew. Sales were crazy. I mean nuts. The thing was a huge smash hit. By April, twelve weeks after that album came out, the Beatles had the top five spots on the Billboard chart.

Now there was a lot of demand for that record — so much that the plant that printed the records could not keep up. Now here’s the lesson. Do you think the guys who were running Capitol Records said, Gee whiz, the kids are buying up this record at such a crazy pace that our printing plant can’t keep up — we’d better find a way to slow things down. Maybe we can create an incentive that would discourage people from buying the record. Do you think they said that? No, they did not. What they did was, they went out and found another printing plant. And another one and another one, until they could make as many records as people wanted.

Then he gets mean.


You know what?

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If you don’t have a problem with JeffyG threatening me, or if you don’t tell him, openly and loudly, that you have a problem with what he said, you can feel the fuck free to kindly fuck right off.

I don’t make it a habit of dealing with people who blatantly threaten me, nor do I make it a habit of associating with those who defend the people who threaten me.

Feel free to tell me that I’m over reacting.  Feel free to tell me that I’m taking it too personally.

But do not, for one fucking instant, pretend that if someone else had said the exact same thing to or about good ol’ JeffyG you wouldn’t be pissed as hell and denouncing that person left and right.


Changing the world’s perception of the US

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President Obama has done wonders for our image.  From giving region-encoded DVDs to the British PM, to gate-crashers at his first State Dinner, Obama has done nothing but improve how we are viewed in the world.

And he’s at it again.

The American president is acting like an elephant in a porcelain shop,” said Norwegian public-relations expert Rune Morck-Wergeland. “In Norwegian culture, it’s very important to keep an agreement. We’re religious about that, and Obama’s actions have been clumsy. You just don’t say no to an invitation from a European king. Maybe Obama’s advisers are not very educated about European culture, but he is coming off as rude, even if he doesn’t mean to.”

That’s the worst of it, but he also opted to not attend the Peace Center exhibit – something that is traditional for every winner.  I have no idea why Obama would opt out of simply walking through.

Prize winners traditionally open the exhibitions about their work that accompany the Nobel festivities.

Oh.  Well, I suppose I understand, then.  I mean, who wants to walk through an empty exhibit?

h/t to Glenn Reynolds

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