The Jury Talks Back


An idiotic Class Action

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Feckless lawyer sniffs around for a pay-day.

They are “looking into” whether there are grounds for a suit, which in my mind comes to mean “We would like to make money. MS has $-Texas Money.  We will see if we have any chance in hell at making MS give us some of their money.”

I fail to see how this can even make it past the initial filing.  The ToS for Xbox Live says you agree to not modify your console.  If it is modified, and you get banned, your box will still work.  It will still play games, you just can’t access the Live service.  Your account can be transferred to an un-modified box, and still access Live.  The ToS also says that there are no refunds.

How can even a 1st year law student not see that this is doomed to failure?

Edit: Title modified because Xrlq is right.  Darn it.

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