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Sin Bin for Trolls

Filed under: Blogging Matters — Fritz @ 3:23 pm

I saw this post at Althouse.  A perfect example of a troll doing what it is that trolls do.  Althouse makes the excellent point that there is a difference between dissent and trolling.  I’ll note without evidence that liberal blogs are much more likely to ban what is obviously honest dissent and call it trolling than their conservative brethren.  Where does the line get drawn?

Maybe blogs need some sort of “penalty box” or “sin bin”.  Instead of deleting the offending comment, it gets removed and replaced with a link that connects to an area where all sorts of offensive content can be placed for public review.  That way you can avoid the charge of purging for venal motives (i.e., because you simply disagree), while at the same time de-cluttering comments threads.

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