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MSNBC reports it straight

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Wonder of wonders!  Here’s an actually fair report on the 912 protests from of all places MSNBC.  Then again, they were actually there and not just cribbing off of the DNC fax.  For once.  Meanwhile even Fox and WSJ are reporting the “tens of thousands” line.

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  3. 70,000 was the number. Michelle Maulkin said 2 million.

    Sad that there are so many idiots though, that think giving excesses of cash to insurance companies, rather than taking those billionaire health insurance CEOs preventing them from getting their health care. Yep, they are protesting because 1.2 million dollars a day are put into propaganda by the health insurance industry. These folks protesting have the perfect maleable grey matter to implant their BS. Paying less, these idiots want no part of that. Having the government be the one inbetween their doctors, instead of the CEOs of the health insurance companies, nope, can’t have that. The CEOs corporate jets, those kind of luxuries the health insurance CEOs enjoy are the direct result of the denial of health care to many that HAVE BEEN PAYING their premiums honorably, but the costs of their health care, are just tooooo much of a burden to those insurance CEOs, who might not get to go to Hawaii this year, if the old woman with cancer get covered for the chemo-therapy she needs.

    As usual the corporate interests are what the R perspective is about, masked as a “fear of Communism” or some other bullshit! But most of you guys don’t even know that, do you?

    Comment by blubonnet — 9/16/2009 @ 12:17 pm

  4. My first troll.

    Comment by Kevin Murphy — 9/16/2009 @ 5:10 pm

  5. Sadly, it wasn’t a very good one…

    Comment by Scott Jacobs — 9/16/2009 @ 5:21 pm

  6. LGF had an insane little post about how the right wing blogosphere (apparently a single entity) is in ‘massive fail mode’ because there were fewer than 2 million people marching.

    So what that there were hundreds of thousands, and perhaps a million, and surely a hell of a lot of people for a conservative protest. Because we didn’t live up to the number in a left wing memo which was obviously meant to set an unreachable bar, the right wing is ‘fail’.

    Pathetic, but then LGF is nonstop 100% obama defense. They post an ACORN press release without any comment discussing that they are a bunch of liars, and provably so. It’s not a topic worthy of discussion because Beck promoted a book written by a guy that was in an organization that LGF deems racist. EVERYONE dissing Obama is racist. Jeez.

    I want to feed blubonnet the troll, but who cares at this point. He, like Charles, is convinced that anyone disagreeing with him is EVIL.

    Comment by Juan — 9/16/2009 @ 5:37 pm

  7. I do not read LGF or the panned by Patterico site anymore. Soon, I’ll drop yahoo for using them.

    Comment by PCD — 9/17/2009 @ 6:10 am

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