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Dear Kanye West

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There appears to have been some sort of technical problem with the blog you host on your website KanyeUniverseCity.

It would appear that the blog entry you posted regarding the events at the MTV Video Music Awards has disappeared, along with all other entries on your blog.

Fortunately, I happened to have a screen-cap of the entry.

I offer this as a free service to you.

kanYe West - Blog -_1252911959187

Also, choke on a bag of dicks, you talentless hack.  There isn’t a single other person at the VMAs that you would have pulled that shit on.  You had to pull that shit on a 19 year old girl.

Way to be a man, dawg.

Update: For a while this morning the blog was back up, but missing the “apology” (am I the only one who looks at it and is convinced that he was hammered when he wrote it?) and the follow-up post giving a shout-out to the graceless diva Serena Williams.

Apparently Kanye (or his people) think that you can say something on the internet, make it disappear from the original source, and everyone will forget about it.

A shame that it was quoted/referenced in several articles.

MSNBC reports it straight

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Wonder of wonders!  Here’s an actually fair report on the 912 protests from of all places MSNBC.  Then again, they were actually there and not just cribbing off of the DNC fax.  For once.  Meanwhile even Fox and WSJ are reporting the “tens of thousands” line.

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