The Jury Talks Back


Is there anything Congress cannot do?

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So, Obama wants to pass a law that, among other things, requires me to buy medical insurance from a government-regulated set of providers.  There are also things I must insure against, whether I want to or not.  I probably have to take chiropractic coverage; I may have to take maternity coverage; it is even possible I’ll have to take sex-change coverage.  All depends on how many campaign contributions the relevant lobbyists give the relevant Senators.

If I decline, they will fine me, or tax me specially, or some such.

Now, can someone PLEASE tell me what part of the Constitution this power emanates from?  The Commerce Clause?  As in “Not only can we regulate the wheat you grow, we can MAKE you grow wheat and tell you where to grow it” ??  Seems a bit past Wickard, there.

Assuming they have this power, what can they not force me to do?  Can they fine me if I don’t eat my broccoli?  Make me wear a red hat on Tuesday?  Require me to scrap my car and buy a government-made replacement?  Oh, wait….

Note: yes, I have medical insurance and would not consider going without at my ripe old age, but I’ll be damned if that means I’ll roll over for this power grab.

Lest We Forget

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It wasn’t a “disaster”, it was an act of war.  One the administration is about to walk away from.

People went to work, and then died.  Some had to choose their death: burn to death or jump.  Over 200 people jumped, mostly from the north tower.  A few views from a web compilation for those that forget, or weren’t old enough to understand at the time.


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