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Fair Warning

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In the coming months, I’m going to start tossing out reviews and videos of games.

I really enjoy my Xbox 360, and there are games I love to play on it (to my shame, I’m currently slamming my head against the Magic the Gathering arcade game [shame because I stopped playing the collectible card game back in 1995 when I realized I was in High School – a sophomore – and wanted to, at some point, date], and an awesome tower defense game called Defense Grid).

I don’t play as much as I wish I did, but it isn’t for lack of love for the games.

Upcoming is the newest Halo game, Halo 3: ODST, and in November (11/10/09) comes Modern Warfare 2 from the people that game us the good Call of Duty games (CoD3 was made by a different developer and is trash imho, and I burned my disc in disgust).

I’m going to be posting up the trailers and videos of games that are coming up and that interest me, and if anyone has requests for games for me to look at and review (unlikely, as most of you have “better things to do with your time”, but I can hope) please let me know, and I will get my hands on a copy and see what’s up with them.

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