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Seven Months Later

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We are well into the eighth month of the Obama Presidency and already The One is getting tiresome.  You don’t hear the same joy in his supporter’s voices, far fewer cars sport the Big O stickers, and Hope and Change seem like distant memories; often jokes.

In foreign policy, he has managed to bow to a Saudi king, shake hands and joke with a brutal dictator — and then take that dictator’s side against a US-built democracy that dared to stand tall.  Overseas, Iran is further along in building its bomb, and FRANCE seems more likely to face them down that than “the Leader of the Free World.”   Go France! Under Obama, we are losing the war in Afghanistan and seem likely to lose the peace in Iraq.  It is Bush’s fault, they say.

Domestically, we have historic unemployment (16% if you count those who’ve given up); a budget deficit unseen since World War II (and with no end in sight).  His only legislative “victory” is a “Global Warming” bill that lines pockets and hobbles industry — without actually helping the transition from fossil fuels (solar power stocks are down 80% in the last year).  The newest cause is a health “reform” bill — remaking one-sixth of the $20 trillion US economy — that the President hasn’t even read.  His advisers don’t pay their taxes and no one seems to care.  His Congressional leaders don’t either, but insert language into unrelated bills that would hold unconnected taxpayers liable to huge penalties for harmless and innocent tax errors.  This too, is Bush’s fault.

After campaigning against everything Bush did to keep the country safe, Obama has adopted most of W’s positions while trashing the service of the people whose ideas he steals.  Now, he’s going to prosecute some of them for the crime of catching the 9/11 organizers and getting them to reveal their follow-on plans.  Apparently there are rules in a knife fight.  The rest of the world must stand in amazement at the appalling idiocy of this act.  Even leftist agitators know you don’t shoot your own soldiers in the back while there’s a war on.  A war that Obama cannot lose and survive.  But might; glad I don’t live in New York.   Somehow, it’s Bush’s fault here, too.

There are elections in 2010.  I am beginning to think, should this go on, that Impeachment as a campaign issue might be a winning one.   Yeah, I know, too early.  I’ll ask again in March.

Update (8/29):  As if I didn’t have enough to be worried about, we have the Marxist appointed as “FCC diversity czar.”

Why we will treat Sen Kennedy better

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Why?  Why – at the least – express sympathy for his family and not list his failings, when his party and those who will attempt to beatify him treated President Reagan and Tony Snow as they did?

It’s simple, really.

Reagan and Snow were good, decent, moral men – men of character and with a deep and abiding faith in God.

They would not – even if they somehow could, having seen their treatment at the hands of the Left – speak ill of the man.

We should treat the late Senator Kennedy as we wish they had been treated, because they would want us to.

I’m not saying we should forever be silent, but its been less than 12 hours.  Give the man and his family at least 24 hours.  Heaven knows this story won’t leave until at least the weekend.  And when we do start to talk about the man and his life without the rose-colored glasses, do it with decency, and with some level of respect.

Ronald and Tony would expect nothing less.

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