The Jury Talks Back


Requiescat in Pace Senator

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Sen. Edward Kennedy (D – Mass) has passed away.

My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.  I agreed with almost nothing he did or believed in, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was a human being, with people close to him, who cared about him and loved him.

I hope he went peacefully.

Labor Leader to Head NY Fed

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I’m starting to lose my idealism…

Oh Sweet…

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Futurama’s on…

No, wait, that’s not right…

Oh yeah…  New downloadable content for Mass Effect has been released.

Only 400 points for an excuse/reminder to play more of this game?  Nodn’t mind if I do…

New CBO numbers coming

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The CBO’s website states that they will be available at 10am Eastern, with a pad & paper briefing at 11 (Gods I’m a geek, I wish I could go…)

I’ll post about them when they hit, and after I get a chance to read them.  I’m out and about today, but I’m taking my laptop out with me so I can work on this.

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