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Mark Casem – Apparently competent

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So at 10:34am Mark gave me a call.  I explained how the problem got fixed, and how pissed I was over it.

Because if it was a failure to properly authorize the account, or the signal, or whatever, that’s just bush league.

I also re-iterated my intention to keep looking for a new provider for our services.  I mentioned the incentives offered by companies like Verizon.

He said that the netbook is for new customers only, and they usually don’t let people sign up for a new deal when they have signed on for another until it runs it’s time.

As a reminder, the free HD DVR that started this is such an offer.  That my offer to let them try and keep me as a customer would prevent an attempt to make this situation – I think the term I used was “pooch screw” – better doesn’t thrill me.  He said he would make some calls and see what is possible, and thus far he’s been the one person (aside from the guy that turned my internet back on) that’s shown even a modicum of ability to do his job, so I’m going to let him try.

So as it stands, the problem with the cable has been fixed, but the problem with Comcast itself is still up in the air.

Props to Mark.  He’s done good so far, here’s hoping he doesn’t drop the ball now.

If you’re reading this, Mark, I’ll stop the provider search if a Dell Netbook were to arrive (or the tracking number that would precede such an arrival).

Comcast Day

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Well, in about 30 minutes we start the “morning” part of my “Morning prefference” for the appointment.

I don’t expect them to show in that window, but you never know.

I have Casem’s number in my phone, so I’ll be making a call should they fail at fixing their fail.

Update @ 9:00am – Just got a call from the local Comcast office.  They say in the next 45 minutes a tech should be here.

Comcast needs to really hope he fixes the problem.

Update @ 10:18am – Well, it wasn’t 45 minutes, but at just before 10am the tech arrived.  We go to the box, I turn it on, and lo and behold, it was working perfectly.  You see, before he came out here, he was at the local office, and send an authorizing signal – apparently just to be sure.

The God Damn local office didn’t properly authorize my God Damn box!!!

My respect for Comcast at this point reached new lows.  But he was nice enough, so I thanked him, and he went on his merry way.  Then a few minutes later, Comcast calls me, saying they were sorry for my troubles, and would have a tech out soon.

It’s like they are putting special effort into being horrible at what they do.

I explained that the tech had just left, and that apparently the solution had been to authorize the box at the local office.  I then begin, in my best and most civil “you incompetent moron” voice, to inquire what they were going to do to reduce my displeasure.

At first, it was the offer to credit the account the box fee ($10) to my next bill.  Now, hearing this bothered me, since the box is supposed to be free for a year.  As you will recall, this was their attempt to keep my business, but which came to highlight every reason why I would want to take my money elsewhere in the first place.

I would add that, after the offer was made for the free box for a year, and the order placed, my internet went out. I spent a few hours checking into things, and it turns out that somehow – Jesus only knows how – when they put in the order they turned off my internet.  This should have been the sign that we REALLY needed to go elsewhere for our services.

Anyways, I stated that $10 credit for a box that was free anyways wasn’t exactly what I would call satisfactory, so the poor soul on the other end of the phone then offered a free month’s service – I’m actually not entirely clear how that will work since it is a bundle service price, but we’ll assume they will credit what the service WOULD normally cost and foolishly pray for the best.

I was, as yet, unconvinced of their desire to actually continue to be my provider, and so I reminded her – and a good thing, since apparently a system that details all problems on once is beyond the capabilities of Comcast – that Saturday when I initially put in the order, they broke my God Damn internet.  Again, how that could happen is beyond my understanding, but now falls completely within the levels of idiocy I expect from Comcast.  She then offered credit for that as well.

I remained unhappy, but could tell I would get nothing more from this woman.  I could tell that she had neither the authority nor the connections to do more.

In a new post I shall share the call that came at 10:34am, from Mark Casem.

This much credit I shall give Comcast – they follow up on stuff like freaking gang-busters.

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