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Comcast – worst company I have ever interacted with (updated)

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So lately we here at Casa de la Jacobs have been getting fliers for Mediacom, a company that provides such services as cable, phone, and internet.  They have some nice deals, so I gave them a call.  After some questions, it seems that for what we here pay Comcast, we could be getting all they offer (including up/down speeds that are better) in addition to an extra HD DVR.

This being a household where two TVs are watched for vastly different content, I found this to be a lovely deal.

The person that pays the Comcast bill, however, was convinced that a switch would be a hassle, so I called Comcast to see if they could match the competition.  They agreed to toss in a free HD DVR for a year, so I agreed, and we set up an appointment for today to pick up the extra box – why come and hook it up, I am fully capable of hooking up the coaxial cable to the box, plug it into the wall, and connect the HDMI cable from box to TV.

Well, the first box was picked up around noon, and it was found to not work right.  Wouldn’t show a picture.  I saw the “menu” and everything, but no actual service, so we returned it and exchanged it for another box identical to the one was already have.

Now, that one will show me the local channels, but the picture is horrible and I get nothing besides the very basics – about 20 channels or so.  I called Comcast back (called the first time to authorize the box, where the lady on the other end said to wait 45 minutes and by then everything would be fine) and explained the problem.  She tried a few things, but failed at even being able to remotely command a box reset.  Declaring it to be a line/signal issue, we went to the “setting up an appointment” phase of the call.

THURSDAY?  I have to wait until God Damn THURSDAY before you assholes can get one of your trained simians out here?  You are aware that tomorrow is Wednesday, right?  That you are failing for two whole days to provide a service I God Damn pay you for?

And not just Thursday, mind you, but ALL of Thursday.  From 8am till 8pm, I get to lurk around this place waiting for your idiot to show up and fix a signal issue?  I swear to God in Heaven, if he says that he can’t fix it, I can not be held legally responsible for my subsequent actions.

So in closing:

  1. Comcast is one of the most incompetent companies on the planet, and they continue to have customers only because they rarely have any competition what-so-ever, forcing you to use them for their shitty, shitty service.
  2. I should have demanded we switch to Mediacom, and I highly advise you do the same if you are able.

If you’ll now excuse me, I must attempt sleep, as I have to be up in less than 6 hours.

Update: Pons suggests that I am wrong when I call Comcast “one of the most incompetent”, stating it is the most incompetent.  I must disagree.  I’ve dealt with amazingly stunning levels of fail.  Comcast does not meet that “high” standard, but it does come very close.

Update x2: Mark Casem (an apparent employee of the above mention Company o’ Morons) posted a wonderfully apologetic reply, asking that I e-mail him with numbers so he might contact me and try to correct the issue.  As of 10:22am (central time) I did so.  It is now 2:45pm (central time), and I have yet to receive either an e-mail or phone call from anyone at Comcast.  It is possible that this annoys me more than the original shitty service.  Offering to try and make things right and then not following up after I contact you is not simply incompetent, but absolutely rude and completely unforgivable.  At this point the only way Comcast could fail me more is if, when I return home at about 9:30 or so tonight, I find that some service or combination of services have been turned off through yet further stupidity on the part of Comcast.

Note to Comcast: Juan is very much correct.  I received such a rapid offer of assistance because I am fortunate enough to be able to avail myself of a blog with a readership that extends beyond people in my High School.  Were I without this means of making my grievance known, I would not have even this much – which, let me remind, remains an empty offer due to further fail on your part.  Should 5pm central come and go without you numb-skulls contacting me, I am very afraid that I will have to look into other means of getting my story out there.  This website is not without friends, and I’d hate for this story to get link all over Hell’s Half Acre.

You have a chance – albeit a small, slim one – to make this right.  Please don’t chose to ignore that chance.

Update x3: Just got off the phone a couple of minutes ago with Mr Casem (4:23pm).  He’s said he will try (note it isn’t “will”, but “try”) to make it a morning appointment (my choices consisted of “morning” or “afternoon”).  This was the extent of it, aside from saying it was likely the would swap the box for a newer model (the model I picked up the first time – the one that failed harder than the current box).

I have to admit that I am, as yet, very unsatisfied with the solution.  I would get virtually the exact same resolution to my complaint by never having posted this, and continuing to suffer in silence.  I don’t believe I am out of line by saying that I feel as though Comcast should attempt to got the extra mile, here.  A second box failing to work when one already does is not acceptable on any level, and “signal issues” sounds like a cop-out.

Comcast offers as an incentive to new customers signing up for a 1-year agreement (or whatever they call it) a free Dell Netbook. The least they could do is offer one as a concession.

Requiescat in pace

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Robert Novak has passed away.

I always liked his stuff.

My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

Cue the hate from the left.

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