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Rationing isn’t the problem

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Nolan Finley of the Detroit News argues that rationing isn’t the problem.  Or, rather, it would be the problem if Congress had any sense of fiscal discipline.  He writes,

What we ought to be worried about is an explosion of services and treatments extended to every advocacy group that wheels a sob story before a congressional committee. Congress will have no will to contain costs at the expense of votes.

Universal government health care will work just like Social Security and Medicare.

This problem, that politicians are self-interested seekers of re-election, is why a good Progressive like President Obama wants to appoint panels (death or otherwise) and commissions staffed with experts.  He sees the problem and intends to solve it by insulating health care regulation from the hurly-burly of partisan politics and entrusting it to a bureaucracy.

Once health care, or health insurance, is a government provided entitlement, it will be freed from the normal give and take (or give and give as Finley points out), and won’t really by up for question by politicians.  And once it’s no longer up for question by politicians, it, as a program in a bureaucracy with its own interests, goals, and sources of power, will lose its last possibility of any decent responsibility to voters.

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