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Sept 12th Quincy IL teaparty

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Anyone in the general area of Illinois considering going?  Apparently several noteable people will be there.

If you’re going, lemme know.  I’d love to bum a ride.  this should be very interesting.

The George G. Nickel Fund – Your Urgent Assistance Needed

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This post is a re-transmission for assistance for SSGT Nickel, via Badger 6

This is an urgent request for your assistance. Mores so than at any time since many of you started reading Badgers Forward, a Badger needs your assistance.

SSG George Nickel, the only survivor of the biggest attack on our company, is in the Ada County Jail, charged with some things that can only be related to his service in Iraq.

The good folks at the Idaho Veterans Network have established the George Nickel Fund. This fund will go to pay the legal fees that Staff Sergeant Nickel will incur as well as any other costs.

You can make your donation at any Wells Fargo Bank or you can send it to the branch where the fund was establsihed.

George G. Nickel Fund
Idaho Veterans Network Corporation
c/o Wells Fargo Bank
Idaho Center Branch
5607 E. Franklin Road
Nampa, Idaho 83687

you can also use PayPal and send it to badger.six @ This is my personal PayPal account, but will see it gets to the Nickel fund.

Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Please do what you can.

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