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Nero Possumus

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Trying to edit some video

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Anyone have a suggestion for a cheap (read: free) program that will let me edit a file I downloaded off of YouTube?

It’s in .flv format, and I need to cut some away so it fits better.  Also, I don’t want it to be able to magically disappear from YouTube, so I intend to make my own version.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Note: I’ve tried Windows Movie Maker, but it tells me I’m missing the needed codec, which I then found (I think), and installed, but it’s still not liking it.  So maybe Movie Maker would work, but I’m just not finding the right codec.  Suggestions in that vein would be just as helpful.

Used Car Prices Rising?

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One aspect of the cash for clunkers program that I have not seen discussed is the effect it will have on used car prices. With all of those used cars being destroyed it stands to reason that used cars will become more scarce and prices will rise. I would expect this to be another unintended consequence.

The people who need help the most are not the people in the market for a new car and they are not the people who are concerned about bad gas mileage.

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