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iTunes App store censors the dictionary…

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I kid you not.

I understand wanting to make sure porn and the like doesn’t get into the hands of minors (though frankly, we are past my giving a shit about your spoiled lil bastard if you put an iPod Touch or a Jesus Phone in their hands), but censoring a dictionary?

Double-yew Tee Eff, mate?

I am in awe of Apple’s idiocy.  Simply in awe.

Plans for Judges Henderson, Reinhardt and Karlton

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So, the 3 most liberal judges in California (Stephen Reinhardt, Thelton Henderson and Lawrence Karlton) got together, sheerly by chance, on a case regarding the adequacy of prison hospitals.  They duely found these inadequate, and have now ordered California to release 44,000 felons (pdf) onto the streets over the next two years.  Oddly, this also happens to gut the “3 Strikes” law by making it toothless.  But we shouldn’t worry because it is prison crowding itself that causes recidivism (I kid you not, go read the decision starting at page 133).  According to the court, releasing these felons will reduce crime!

Even Jerry Brown is appalled.  The state is given 45 days to come up with a plan.  I thought I’d help.

Plan A:  Parole them to somewhere else.  Anywhere else.  Nevada, New York, Honduras, Myanmar, whatever.  Certainly any foreigner gets sent home if released.

Plan B:  Parole them to San Francisco.  Very similar to Plan A, but more satisfying.

Plan C:  (aka The Oregon Plan)  Offer the inmates free assisted suicide in lieu of medical care.

Plan D:  New “3 Strikes and You’re Dead” law.  Sadly, the appeals would take years.

Plan E:  Release some inmates, but add their time to the ones remaining.  If done properly, this will result in a negative feedback steady state.

Plan F:  Impeach some judges.  Henderson and Reinhardt each have a long list to answer for.  Make the Democrats defend this.

Plan G:  That stuff Robert Duval likes to smell in the morning.


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