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Birthers Play into Liberal Hands

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David Freddosso of Beltway Confidential performs two valuable services.  First, he points out that it’s important to know something about how the government works before you fly off the handle with your criticism.  This follows from the notion that you should always give your political or philosophical opponent the benefit of the doubt and attack them where their case is strongest.  Second, he also illustrates how some of the less intellectually gifted, though no less read, liberal bloggers are using the “Brither” nonsense to further their own agenda.  Freddosso writes,

This week, the House considered a resolution lauding the 50th anniversary of the admission of Hawaii as a state. After the the routine speeches in favor (there was no opposition), Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., yielded back the last seconds of time for debate. The Speaker pro-tem called for a voice vote on passage, which is also routine. And Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., who happened to be holding the floor for the Republican side, objected to the vote because of the absence of a quorum — which is also routine. This led the chairman to postpone the floor vote until later in the day, which is also routine.

Then, all of the sudden, posts from the Think Progress and Wonkette have the whole Left-blogosphere abuzz over the fact that Bachmann must be a “birther!” How do they reach that conclusion? Well, Hawaii is the state where President Obama was born — or NOT born! So Bachmann must be making a statement by trying to not congratulating the state where President Obama was not born!

See Ignorant bloggers go nuts over Michelle Bachmann for why this was so very, very stupid.  My favorite comment from the Wonkette piece, which sums it up nicely:

You asshats, she voted for the resolution later in the day. She was merely performing a regular parliamentary procedure. She’s not a birfer [sic]. She was only postponing the vote for later when there was a quorum at which point she voted for the bill.

I haven’t seen any response from Wonkette or her readers.

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  1. Fritz, is it not as if Liberals haven’t been caught lying about their independance or who they really are. Your post title should have been Liberals are viscious liars, but thanks Birthers for giving us a distraction from being caught in our lies.

    Again, lies that unassociated individuals are filing the ethics violations against Palin. In fact is it a coordinated plan by the Democrat party. Video:

    Obama and Democrats multiple direct links to destroy Palin

    Comment by PCD — 8/2/2009 @ 12:06 pm

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