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The Gates Arrest: So You Think Our Cops are Bad?

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At the L.A. Times, Jonathan Zimmerman adds an international perspective to the Gates arrest. In “The Gates cop, in perspective”, Zimmerman writes,

Should police Sgt. James Crowley have arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. on July 16, after Crowley responded to a 911 report of a possible break-in at Gates’ Cambridge, Mass., house? And to what degree was the arrest related to the fact that Gates is black and Crowley is white?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, and neither do you. But here’s what I do know: We’re lucky that we can ask them, lucky that possible police misbehavior demands an official response, lucky that the alleged outrage isn’t worse. And if you think otherwise, take a look at how police behave in many other parts of the world.

Zimmerman then goes on to describe the bribe taking, suspect beating, human rights abusing practices of much of the world’s police.  Surely our police aren’t perfect (who is?), but we should count ourselves lucky that the discussion we’re having is taking place in the most rarified atmosphere of freedom in the world.

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