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Sports Memories

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Sports play an important role in our unique culture.  I was talking on the phone with my younger brother tonight, discussing watching Tom Watson’s magical run in The Open Championship.  We were discussing some of our early memories as kids attending sporting events with our father.  We both recalled the same 2 events with great fondness.  The first was Lou Brock breaking the career stolen base record after the Scrubs were silly enough to trade him away to the best organization in baseball.  The second was a University of Illinois basketball game against Magic Johnson’s Michigan State Spartan team.  Sweet-shooting Eddie Johnson made a miraculous game-winning shot to defeat the eventual national champions, and if I remember correctly, this was their only loss of the season.  That was the first of what would turn out to be hundreds of Illini games I would eventually attend, and I had the opportunity to tell Eddie Johnson that his shot made me an Illini for life at an early age.  I never wanted to go anywhere else.

Now, there have been plenty of other memorable moments for me in sports, Final Fours, shaking hands with Michael Jordan, Ryder Cups, Super Bowls, etc … but none of them compare to the time spent with my father at these games.  Going to a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium is still one of my favorite activities, and will introduce my daughter to our pastime in the near future.  I can only hope that she enjoys it as much as we have.

So, in a roundabout way, Tom Watson made me bring up some pretty fond memories.  Thanks.

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