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Holy crap, I think I figured it out

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Ok, work with me here.  I am running without links, so while I might be off one minor details, it won’t change the overall scope of my epiphany.

President Obama has held slightly opposing views on the situations in Iran and Honduras.  Regarding Iran, he mostly holds that it is an internal matter, and while he’s poopoo’d the violence against the protestors, he’s mostly said it is all internal and we should butt out and not say much.  Even the condemnation of the violence took a while.

However, regarding Honduras, he was quick to come out condeming the “military coup”, claiming that the will of the people should be heard.

Why the disparity?

It’s simple, but to understand it, you have to know WHY the Honduran military booted Zelaya.

See, the Honduran constitution says that a President serves one term.  One.  Uno.  Ein.  You shall serve one term, and the number of terms you shall serve is one. You will not serve two.  Three is right out.

Zelaya didn’t like this, but instead of getting the Constitution amended, he decided to hold a refferendum, and thus could claim to have been “elected” when in fact no such thing had happened – you can not be elected to an office you are Constitutionally barred from holding.

So, after he had ignored orders from the country’s highest court to get the eff out, they issued what amounts to a warrant, and the military (which is charged by the constitution to enforce the rulings of the country’s highest court) promptly arrested his sorry tail and sent him packing.

“So?” I hear you say.  “So what.  That doesn’t explain why Obama would have a problem with it…”

Sure it does.  Considering the absolute cult-following that President Obama has (I’ve been told by people that they support his policies – even the ones that have never worked anywhere in the world in the history of ever – because they “Believe in him”, as if by will alone he can alter reality), what do you think the odds are that enough people would want to see a third term for him to try it?

I mean, the man is one of the most power-hungry politicians this country has known in decades, so why wouldn’t he want a third term, Constitutional Amendment regarding Presidential term limits be damned?

Obama doesn’t like the events in Honduras because it reminds him that some countries actually hold their Constitutions in high regard, and actually enforce the darn things.

It sets, essentially, the very dangerous precident of “ousting a man who’s time in office is offically over despite his very real desire to stay in power”.

If you were Obama, wouldn’t that prospect terrify you?

It doesn’t hurt Zelaya’s case (or his apparent support from the Administration or the UN – which has passed a resolution saying Zelaya should be returned to office) that Zelaya was essentially a Chavez puppet.  God knows those people have small side-alters to Hugo set up right next to the High Holy Alter set up for The One.

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