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“you’re all full of empty slogans, aren’t you?”

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I’ve been following several folks in Iran via Twitter, and today the mood is decidedly somber.  The anger has faded to desperation and the hope of Western assistance has dissolved into a feeling of betrayal.  Despair is really the only word for it.

Here is a series of tweets from Tehranbureau, which can also be found at this Iranian opposition web site.

tell the Europeans, stop posturing

wasn’t human rights supposed to be so important to you?

you’re all full of empty slogans, aren’t you?

it’s hypocritical to keep pretending they care about human rights, when it’s really only economic interests they’re after.

there is no other option: everyone has to get involved to help us.

don’t you see, they’re massacring us here.

The United States cannot grant this man a visa!

This man doesn’t represent us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this man cannot be invited to international summits!

they cannot make official visits to this country either!

you cannot believe it. they have turned this place into a killing field.

people are frightened to death here. they have gone quiet. the stores are closed.

there were plans to go and gather at 7 Tir [earlier today Tehran time] for that poor young woman Neda.

I’m going, but I’m scared. I may go quietly.

Sepah [IRGC] has announced it will crush us. they’re murderers.

But at night from 10 to 11 pm we all come out and say Allah o Akbar [God is Great] and Death to the Dictator.

Please tell the world that we protesters are not terrorists [as reported by state tv]. it’s the other way around: they’re terrorizing us!

end quote

@TehranBureau 0824PDT 22-June-09

Hungary must have felt this way in 1956.


  1. Lo and Behold what Obama, COI(ACORN), and the Democrats are going to pull in 2012 after they get their faces slapped in the 2010 elections.

    Comment by PCD — 6/23/2009 @ 5:10 am

  2. Read my other post on “Could it happen here”, to see how unlikely that is, except on the margins. High risk, little gain.

    Comment by Kevin Murphy — 6/23/2009 @ 9:17 am

  3. The Left doesn’t care how they seize power, just that they do grab all they can, any way they can.

    Comment by PCD — 6/23/2009 @ 9:58 am

  4. Yeah,yeah and France came to our aid all those years ago, blah, blah.
    So we should act like Charlie Brown Trying to kick the football and go flying into Iran, guns blazing, only to have the gutless Semitic goat-*uckers change their minds and blow up another 4000 young americans?
    Not so much.
    The world hated GWB. OK
    So you got wacky Baracky.
    You have what you want, now you’re on your own.
    Allau Akbar.
    Democracy come with risk. You’ve got to risk something to get liberty.

    Comment by pitchforksntorches — 7/1/2009 @ 10:35 am

  5. The world hated GWB. OK

    Actually, most of Europe liked Bush and the US. That it wasn’t reflected in European newspapers gave the impression that we were utterly loathed.

    Several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of young ladies from other countries who had come to the US to work at a girl-scout camp. Every one of them – from the Aussie to the Brit to the Scot to the Fin to the gal from some former Soviet Bloc Country – told me how everyone they knew were very jealous that they were going to the US. It was something to envy.

    Remember that France and Germany – two countries who led the “The US is wrong for Iraq” pack – both elected pro-US leaders. France’s man even campaigned on a Pro-US/Pro-Bush platform. While they still didn’t agree with Iraq, they voted in a guy who said we were pretty ok.

    Comment by Scott Jacobs — 7/1/2009 @ 8:51 pm

  6. pitchforksandtorches, those ‘goat fuckers’ are good people who are unable to resist because this isn’t the 1700s. They need the help of all free nations, not just the US, but all of them, to depose their nuclear tyrants.

    And it’s really sad that it appears this movement is dying. Literally.

    Comment by Juan — 7/1/2009 @ 10:39 pm

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