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LA Times trashes liberal D.A.

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In one of those man-bites-dog stories, the LA Times ruins SF District Attorney Kamala Harris, at least as far as her viability for the state Attorney General post is concerned.  At least if you think rescuing illegal immigrant violent felons from jail and putting them back on the street is a problem.

It seems that Ms Harris’ office runs a drug-diversion program, Back on Track, that focuses on giving young first-offenders job skills they can use to avoid “a life of crime.”  They plead guilty to felony drug-possession in exchange for probation and a year-long program operated by Goodwill Industries.  If they drop out, their probation is revoked and (presumably) off to prison they go.  Sounds good on the face, but not all the results have been good.  Not only do about 40% drop out, but there seems to be quite a few illegal immigrants involved.  Job training isn’t much good for folks who cannot legally work.

One noted pupil was Alexander Izaguirre:

The assault on Amanda Kiefer at dusk in San Francisco’s posh Pacific Heights was extraordinary enough for its cruelty.

A stranger, later identified as Alexander Izaguirre, snatched her purse and hopped into an SUV, police say. The driver sped forward to run Kiefer down. Terrified, she leaped onto the hood and saw Izaguirre and the driver laughing. The driver slammed on the brakes, propelling Kiefer to the pavement. Her skull fractured. Blood oozed from her ear.

Only after the July 2008 attack did Kiefer learn of the crime’s political ramifications. Izaguirre, police told her, was an illegal immigrant who had pleaded guilty four months earlier to a drug felony for selling cocaine in the seedy Tenderloin area. …

… Kiefer, who packages medical devices for a living, said she has left California for good, in part because of the trauma of nearly having been killed on her way to dinner last summer in Pacific Heights. Nearly a year later, she remains baffled that San Francisco authorities ever let Izaguirre and other illegal immigrant felons back onto the streets.

“If they’re committing crimes,” she said, “I think there’s something wrong that they’re not being deported.”

San Francisco has a history of shielding illegals, of course.  Rather than allow deportation, SF will release criminals from custody.  For example, Edwin Ramos, an illegal repeatedly released by the city.  Ramos is now charged in a triple homicide where he killed a man and his sons in an act of road rage.  This is causing Harris a problem, since she has vowed never to ask for the death penalty, yet many SF residents think this should be an exception.

All in all, the Times makes a fairly good case why Harris would be the AG From Hell.  She still stands some chance in the Democrat primary, but slim to none in the general.

Maybe that’s why the Times is trying to stop her.  I guess this means that she won’t be listed by the NY Times as a likely female President anymore

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  1. But, seriously, could she be any worse than Moonbeam Jerry Brown?

    Not that I would ever vote for either of these two fruit cakes.

    Comment by Jay Curtis — 6/23/2009 @ 12:43 pm

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