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Hey Publius, sorry about revealing your identity

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Ed Whelan of National Review got angry at heated criticism from a liberal blogger who goes by the name Publius.  So on Saturday Whelan revealed his identity.  You can read the discussion, including Whelan’s defense of his act, and find links to some conservative responses to the ethical question of when it’s okay to reveal an anonymous blogger’s identity — at HotAir.

Tonight Whelan apologized.  Of course the damage has already been done.

I’ve learned to regret those times when I hit the [SEND] button after writing a comment composed in anger.

State Disability Tax Increase

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Most people won’t have noticed this, but there was a huge increase in the California state disability tax. In 2008, it was 0.8% of the first $86,698 of income. It goes up now to 1.1% of the first $90,669 of income. The maximum annual cost will increase from $693.58 to $997.36, a 44% hike.

Even if someone makes less than the maximum, they’re going to take another $3 out of every thousand of pre-tax income. Pretty soon this adds up to real money.

And they do this every time. In 2004, SDI went up by 58%, and they raised it again in 2005. Arnold cut the tax after that, but it’s back now as high as ever. Anyone want to bet the money goes anywhere near the Disability pool?

Car Tax Increase

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Got my new car registration bill from the DMV. $505. Admittedly, I bought a new car last year, so I expected it to go up, but about $150 of that was due to the car tax hike (from 0.65% to 1.15%). There’s also an added “Smog Abatement Fee” of $20; this is ironic as my new car is a hybrid and gets almost twice the mileage of my old car.

So, instead of going from $160 on my old car to $330 on the new one, it’s now $505. The car tax hike is going to be a shock for everyone, I think.

Mother arrested in killing of pregnant woman

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This disturbing story comes from Portland, Oreg. It looks as if it might be another case of a woman killing a pregnant woman in order to steal her baby.  After meeting on Craigslist to exchange baby clothes, 27 year-old  suspect Korena Roberts is believed to have driven the victim, 21 year-old Heather Snively to her home.  Roberts called police Friday afternoon to report that her newborn baby was unresponsive.  After the hospital determined that the baby was not hers, police officers found Snively’s body in a crawlspace in the suspect’s home.

 To compound the tragedy, the baby also died.  Roberts has two children, who were not home at the time.  When the autopsy is released today, we should learn whether Snively gave birth before she was killed or whether the baby was removed from her body. 

In 2007 a Missouri mother of four was sentenced to death for killing a woman and cutting the baby from her womb.  In that case the baby survived.

UPDATE: Authorities said that the autopsy revealed that Snively was indeed cut open so that her unborn child could be removed from her womb.

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