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San Francisco and the Homeless Guy

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Some things you just cannot make up.

It seems that Larry Moore, a chronically alcoholic homeless person, decided to better his lot. He sobered up, cleaned up, got himself a suit and some shoeshine supplies, and set himself up on San Francisco’s Market Street as a shoeshine vendor. Apparently he was good at what he did and folks who frequented the area saw the change and tried to help. He saved up some money and got set to live indoors for the first time in 6 years.

The SF Chronicle ran a story and a bureaucrat read it. Rather than being supportive, the city came down on him like a ton of bricks.

…in a breathtakingly clueless move, an official for the Department of Public Works told Moore that he has to fork over the money he saved for his first month’s rent to purchase a $491 sidewalk vendor permit….

Moore is nothing if not dutiful. He attempted to work his way through the byzantine city government channels, although he didn’t get much help….

When Moore found the permit application, he got a money order and headed down to the appropriate department to pay. But because he didn’t have a valid ID card, they wouldn’t take his money….

The only one who isn’t furious about this is Moore. He insists that city functionaries are giving him a break because they are letting him continue to shine shoes while he waits for a copy of his birth certificate to be sent from Kansas. Once it arrives they will allow him to get an ID card and then hand over almost every cent he has.

And the kicker? If you are an illegal immigrant, the city will provide an ID, no questions asked.

(via Don Surber and Glenn Reynolds).

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