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No right to self-defense?

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So says a 7th Circuit panel in NRA v City of Chicago.  The 2nd Amendment is again a dead letter as well.

According to judges Easterbrook, Posner and Bauer there is no right to lethal self-defense and states may ban all implements of such a defense, such as guns.  In this way, the court gets past the self-defense issue of Keller and finds no reason to incorporate the 2nd Amendment against the states.

A very conservative decision in all regards, refusing at every turn to upset the status quo.   Several discussions at Volokh (link fixed).

Update: The NRA has appealed to the US Supreme Court.

“The Seventh Circuit claimed it was bound by precedent from previous decisions. However, it should have followed the lead of the recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Nordyke v. Alameda County, which found that those cases don’t prevent the Second Amendment from applying to the states through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Sony E3 Press Event

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Just about to start…  If they don’t announce a street-date for God of War 3, there might be a riot…

I’ll update as it comes.

It begins…

Opening music is Queens’s “One Vision”.  Reminds me I never finished the last two or three missions in GTA4.

Opening montage of games.

Jack Tretton (President and CEO) starts out sucking up to game journalists (We’re industry leaders, and that includes leaks.  We won;t be outdone by anyone…”).  364 games coming out on PS platforms this year.  Brags about the 40’x80′ screen and that the PS3 alone can show at the resolution.  Blah blah blah.

Talks about the $99 PS2.  I frankly don’t care about it at all.  Say it with me, kids…  “Next. Gen. Consoles.”

Talking about sales stats for the PS3.  “We’re growing out presence in latin america” blah blah blah

Mentions inFAMOUS, “biggest blockbuster this summer” is a crap claim.  Summer’s just started.

Drake’s Fortune 2 – multi-player beta starts tonight at midnight.  Showing game-play of single-player.  Looks amazing, I’ll admit.  Looks like it controls like GTA4 (that’s my frame of reference, having not played the first Drake’s).

MAG – HUGE online multi-player First Person Shooter.  Looks really involved, and with 254 players total.  It’s an awesome idea, but I just don’t know how it will work in real life.

PSP – Skype and internet radio already on it, talking about games that have been on it.  They want to expand to girls (Hannah Montana bundle, with a lilac-colored PSP).

PSP Go – new, (in addition to existing PSP platforms) portable system “built for the digital consumer”.  16 gig built-in flash memory, built in wifi, integrated blue tooth, sliding screen (allows bigger screen for watching video, and still have controls in a small device).  Oct 30 ($249)

Like a friend said: “PSP Go: because who doesn’t have $250 lying around?”

Media Go – Computer App used to access Sony digital store, and is used to transfer files to the PSP.

Sense Me – scans your music files, and figures out moods and builds lists…  blah blah blah.  Apple’s iTunes “Genius” feature is saying “So?  Been there, done that”.

Digital distribution for all PSP games (but you can buy physical mediums).  Talks about the video store.  Sounds like the old Xbox Marketplace pitch, with a lot of the same partners.

Grand Turismo PSP – GT game for the PSP.  Awesome.  *rolls his eyes*  Trade your cars, full tracks, not some chopped-down port.  Sounds neat, but I’m not interested.  Like I said, I’m not a fan of racing games.  Oct 1st street date.

I will say this – I like the music they are using for the presser.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker – for the PSP.  Ten years after MGS 3 (1970’s).  Kojima (the game’s creator, and a demi-god in the gaming world) will write and produce.  As an aside, MS got an English-speaking Kojima, Sony had to have a translator.  Trailer looks pretty good for a game for a portable device.  Slated for 2010.

Talking about random PlayStation Portable games coming in 2009.  I’ll see if I can find a list later, but I really don’t care, nor do most people I know.  A friend said it best: “I have never understood the point of a portable once you get a drivers license and a laptop.”

Final Fantasy 7 (PS 1 original) – coming today to Playstation network.

Playstation Home – Penny Arcade said it best: “A stupid place for dumb people”.  Home has ALWAYS fallen short with me.  It loads constantly, is hard to navigate, and god help you if you have a female avatar – you will be accosted by a lot of guys within the first 10 minutes.  They have built-in scarcity for purely digital stuff( “Bowling alley that can be full and prevent you from playing).

And yet ANOTHER montage.  Come on…  NAME stuff, Tretton!!!

Now he’s talking about how great games have started with Playstation, but leaves out that most if not all have come to the 360, and that there they get DLC.

Agent – From Rockstar, it’s a spy game.  They say “exclusive” but that comes and goes for Sony…

Assassin’s Creed 2 – This was shown at the EA presser, but this has game-play.  Looks VERY nice…  Might get this one…  For the 360.

Final Fantasy XIII – more trailer.  The pre-rendered stuff looks nice, but that series left me cold around FF2.

Footage of FFXIV – “Only console you can play it on when it launches”…  Timed exclusive, it will come to the 360.

PlayStation Motion Controller – This looks like a mic with a funny end to it, used with the PlayStation Eye.  It tracks quickly, but…  I dunno…  Some neat stuff I guess…  And it IS pretty precise…  This would be super impressive, if it didn’t follow on the heels of Project Natal, which is full-body, not simply a version of the Wii remote.

ModNation Racers – like Little Big Planet, only with vehicles…  Seems a bit like Mario Cart.  As it stands, this is the first one I saw that interests me.

The Last Guardian – ???  Ok, the pre-rendered stuff looks AMAZING, but wtf?

Grand Turismo 5 – cars.  You drive them fact, “drift” through turns, yes yes.  Seriously, What is the draw with racing games?

God of War 3 – About time.  A few minutes of gameplay video.  Looks totally awesome.  I want it.  A shame I can’t even start to afford a PS3.  They NEED a price drop DESPERATELY.

And that’s it.

The E3 Nintendo Press Event

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I had no idea I could spend so much time watching something about video games, and not see a single thing I was even remotely interested in.

Some games announced, but nothing I want to play.  Half are further floggings of old properties (Mario gets abused yet further this coming year), and the other half are games that are, frankly, pointless.

James Patterson’s Woman’s Murder Mystery Club???  FFS.

A game so you can run a fashion boutique?  GAME OF THE YEAR!!!  *rolls his eyes*

Wii Motion plus  gets announced again, and now they are talking up the DSi.  This is time when they could be talking up new games, not selling something that already sells itself.

A friend put it well – “Am I at last year’s Nintendo Press Event?”

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