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Ted Olsen and David Boies File Federal Prop 8 Case

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And no,  not as plaintiffs.

David Boies and Ted Olsen last faced off in Bush v Gore, on opposite sides.  Olsen was Bush’s Solicitor General and Boies won the US’s antitrust case against Microsoft (later lost on appeal).  Now they are together, on behalf of two same-sex couples who wish to marry and claim that California’s Prop 8 violates their federal rights to equal protection and due process.

It’s a hard case to win, but those are two very good lawyers.  I’d rather not bet against them.

Questions for Sotomayor

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President Obama has gone for the left-wing identity-politics choice.  Sonia Sotomayor is his choice to fill the idiot’s seat on the Supreme Court.  She seems more qualified than David Souter ever was, but that’s a fairly low bar.  She’s also further left.

Since her confirmation seems assured, the only contest that remains is political — can we use this to show just how far left the Democrats have gone?  They didn’t believe us last election, but maybe we can offer some proof.

Some questions for Judge Sotomayor:

  • Is there an individual right to keep and bear arms for personal defense?  If so, what limitations can be imposed?
  • What is “hate speech”?  Can merely offensive speech be prohibited or punished by government?
  • What does “free exercise” mean in the First Amendment?  Can “free exercise” ever include discriminatory behavior?
  • Do a citizen’s rights or duties differ depending on the history of some group they may identify with?
  • What did you mean when you suggested that a Latina would usually make better decisions than a white male?
  • Can any government service be denied to persons present in the country illegally?


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