The Jury Talks Back


Oh for God’s Sake

Filed under: Uncategorized — Scott Jacobs @ 10:31 pm

Apparently, idiocy still abounds in California.

Tuesday May 26th at 10am West Coast Time (12 central for me), the State Supreme Court will announce it’s decision regarding Prop 8, and there are freaking rallies planned.

I have no idea why, mind you.  Maybe to sway to court’s opinion, I dunno.

All I know is, his High Gay Holiness, Perez Hilton (our favorite sexist idiot) is all for this, which means I’m against it almost as a default position.

Normally I would just sit back, and later enjoy the enraged and sorrowful wailing and gnashing of teeth that would follow, as I so often do when idiots rally around a cause founded in stupidity (like the PS3 groups and their reaction to the next Final Fantasy game also coming to the Xbox 360…  GOD such delicious pain from those idiots), but frankly I would rather these people just forget tomorrow.

If only so Perez would have one less thing to open his pie-hole about.

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