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Well thank god we passed the Stimulus bill…

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I mean, if we hadn’t, things might suck…

Oh wait…

Color me unsurprised, but it would appear that the claim by TAO™ that only the stimulus bill could save use from the worst of unemployment was a tad bit off.  I shall show you what I mean…

The light blue line is where we were told we would be without stimulus, while the dark blue line is what we were promised should we accept Porkulus…

What?  Oh, you wanna know what those little red triangles mean?  Oh, they’re nothing, just what the last two months actually were.

As Glenn Reynolds likes to say, we’re in the very best of hands.

And because I like Dilbert, I would like to point out that somehow, I find the following to fit.  A gold star for the first to figure out why.

h/t to QandO, where I first saw this (the top part, not the Dilbert strip).

US Runs Deficit in April

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You know it’s bad when the Feds run a deficit during April.  Usually income tax payments make April a banner month.  Not this year.

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