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What to do about Miss California USA?

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It’s always a bit dicey relying on Donald Trump doing the right thing.  Apparently Trump will hold a press conference Tuesday announcing his decision in the Miss California USA contest.

He should say “You’re fired!”

No, not Miss Prejean, whose only crime has been to agree with the majority of California voters regarding gay marriage, but he should fire Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler, pageant directors, for failing to keep all this controversy out of the pageant.  Their crimes:

  • Failing to vet judges
  • Failing to screen judge’s questions to contestants (or alternatively, very poor judgment regarding allowable questions)
  • Failing to control the damage

It is entirely possible that the Miss USA pageant is beyond salvage.  Rescinding Miss Prejean’s state crown, based on her honest answer to an outrageous question, would pretty much guarantee the pageant’s demise.  They’d never live the BS down and would offend a large segment of their largely heterosexual viewership.

[And yes, I do disagree with Miss Prejean’s opinion, but that’s neither here nor there.  McCarthyism needs to be opposed regardless.]

UPDATE 7:25AM: She keeps her title.  Photos not an issue to Trump.  “This is the 21st Century.”

UPDATE 10:09AM PST (Patterico Server Time):  See the fair and balanced coverage at MSNBC.

UPDATE 12:30PM 5/13: Shanna Moakler quits.  Apparently she was upset that Prejean remained as Miss California.  Considering the lack of tolerance in The Industry on this issue, I’m not surprised.

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