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I Hate Yellow Mustard, Too.

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I really cannot tell if this is tongue-in-cheek or if people really care about what mustard a politician puts on a burger.  But I feel the need to defend the President on this one:  French’s yellow mustard has more yellow than mustard in it and nearly anything else (including no mustard) is preferable.  Though I’d generally go for a decent deli mustard or even Gulden’s over Dijon.  Goes double for hot dogs.

But, to quote WIlliam Shatner: Get a Life!

UPDATE:  Legal Insurrections posts several followups, chronicling the crazed reaction of the left.  These folks have no sense of humor at all.

No Joy in Mannyville

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Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games on a drug policy violation.  Apparently, it was not the normal steroid use, but an MLB-listed hormone that is often associated with steroid use.  The hormone, hCG, is also regularly prescribed for fertility and to treat sexual dysfunction in men.

However, it is on the MLB list and to use any listed drug therapeutically one is supposed to clear it with MLB, something Manny did not do.

Sigh.  21-8, 13-0 at home.  I knew it had to be too good to be true.

Gimme that Anchor, Globe and Eagle

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Ok, fine…  I’ll spill it.

Within the next week, I fully intend to head to MEPS (Military Enlistment Processing Station) and sign on for the Marines.  I also hope that, upon finishing up at MEPS, I’ll be headed directly to Parris Island.

Because, you know…  Fuck this place (where I live, not the blog).

I have to ask a few favors, though.  I’m going to be very much without internet access (or phone access, really) for the three months (3.5 or 4, since let’s be honest, my physical fitness is going to come up short the first little bit) of recruit training, so not only won’t I be posting or commenting around here, I won’t even be able to talk to you guys.

If Patterico is willing, I’m happy to have him take e-mails of well-wishing and the like, copy/paste them into a word document, shrink it down to 8 pt. font, and mail them once a week or so.  In return, I’ll do my best to mail back to him when I can (snail mail, natch), and I’m more than happy for him to scan the letter and post it.  I’m using this system with a couple of groups I’m in, and it seems the best way to avoid some wise-ass mailing me pot, porn, or crap like that…

Also, I’m going to need phone cards, an address book (my current address book is electronic, and thus won’t be allowed), and a pair of size 11 running shoes that are all white.

I have an amazon list for the first two, but really I can’t find on Amazon a decent pair that aren’t insanely expensive or multi-colored.  When I say expensive, I mean ones over 40 bucks.

So, anyone interested in helping out?

Update: gp asked (no, really, he did!!), so here it is…  My MCRD wishlist. Yes, I know that One item and it’s compliment are absolute dream items, and that no one is getting me either.  It’s a wishlist, so I wished.  It will keep me reminded for when I get out, and can order my own.

But if one of you is insane, I’m not gonna turn it down.  :)

But no, I don’t expect anyone to get them for me.  Calm down, people.

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