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What is God?

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Edward Feser’s newest book just came in the mail today.  Here is a paragraph that I thought I would share with you that caught my attention:

God is not an object or substance alongside other objects or substances in the world; rather, He is pure being or existence itself, utterly distinct from the world of time, space, and things, underlying and maintaining them in being at every moment, and apart from whose ongoing conserving action they would be instantly annihilated.  The world is not an independent object in the sense of something that might carry on if God were to “go away”; it is more like the music produced by a musician, which exists only when he plays and vanishes the moment he stops.  None of the concepts we apply to things in the world, including to ourselves, apply to God in anything but an analogous sense.  Hence, for example we may say that God is “personal” insofar as he is not less than a person, the way that an animal is less than a person.  But God is not literally “a person” in the sense of being one individual thing among others who reasons, chooses, has moral obligations, etc.  Such concepts make no sense when literally applied to God (Feser, 2008, 88).

from, Feser, Edward.  The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism.  Indiana; St. Augustine’s Press, 2008.

My position has always been that whatever the truth of the matter regarding the existence of God or the truth of any particular religion, atheism and theism don’t have to be stupid.

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