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Why SERE Training is Essentially Different Than Torture

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From “Harm School: Rape, S&M, and the Bush torture program” by William Saletan of Slate:

Fifth and most important, SERE is voluntary. “Students can withdraw from training,” Ogrisseg noted. In a report issued four months ago, the Armed Services Committee added that in SERE, “students are even given a special phrase they can use to immediately stop” any ordeal. The report concluded:

The SERE schools employ strict controls to reduce the risk of physical and psychological harm to students during training. Those controls include medical and psychological screening for students, interventions by trained psychologists during training, and code words to ensure that students can stop the application of a technique at any time should the need arise. Those same controls are not present in real world interrogations.

Freddie Mac acting CFO found dead

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Apparent suicide.

Before being the acting CFO, he was the VP of Mortgage operations.  I suspect we might find there was more than a bit of dirty business at Freddie than we originally thought.

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