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Fuck you, UN

Filed under: Uncategorized — Scott Jacobs @ 10:58 pm

Fuck you in the ear.

It is long past time we evicted that damned organization from our shore.  With Gen. Sec. Moon insulting us for not paying our debts (when we pay a huge chunk of the UN’s expenses, fund God knows how much in the UN’s aid, and make up the vast majority of the UN’s military), I’m about sick of the SOBs.

Oh, and for the benifit of the UN…

Fuck Muslims.


  1. So, Scott, you do favor Harold Koh as Secretary of State legal advisor!

    Comment by Ira — 4/1/2009 @ 1:34 pm

  2. SCott scott scott scott scott

    Comment by EricPWJohnson — 4/1/2009 @ 5:29 pm

  3. Yes?

    Comment by Scott Jacobs — 4/1/2009 @ 8:19 pm

  4. we should pay exactly as much as the least of everyone else…. that would be only fair, everyone paying the same.

    and evict the assholes from New York.

    Comment by redc1c4 — 4/1/2009 @ 9:59 pm

  5. OK, I concede that deferring to the U.N. might *not* be the best idea. Why can’t we hang blasphemers, again?

    Anyway, I agree with your response, Scott.


    Comment by JRM — 4/2/2009 @ 9:14 pm

  6. […] keeping with my duties as the resident foul-mouthed bastard (while making sure that no, I won’t be able to run for public office), I offer to you the […]

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