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San Francisco school board may overturn JROTC ban

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The San Francisco Board of Education will reconsider its 2006 decision to end the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program.  With three new board members, JROTC supporters believe they have the votes necessary to overturn the previous 4-2 decision that would eliminate the 90 year-old program from public high schools this coming June.  The program served some 1600 students at the time of the initial decision.

In November San Francisco voters passed Proposition V, a non-binding measure in support of JROTC, by a 53-47 margin.  Even in the most anti military city in America, a majority of residents support the program.

Eric Linarez, 18, echoed the arguments of many opponents in a statement reported by the San Francisco Examiner.  The teenager made the seemingly opposing complaints that JROTC discriminates against gays and lesbians and targets blacks and Hispanics for military service.  Apparently we need more LGBT soldiers to take the place of overrepresented black and Latino soldiers.  (I personally oppose the military ban on gay and lesbian service.  Openly gay soldiers serve countries such as Israel with no detrimental effects.  And obviously I reject the idea that the program does or should specifically target certain racial groups for recruitment.)

Hundreds of students and parents are to be commended for have worked tirelessly for over 2 1/2 years to overturn the initial decision.  The board will vote on the new measure in three weeks.

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