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Other Income to Tax

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Since taxing AIG bonuses at 90% seems popular (ignoring Article I, Section 9), some additional targets for Congress’ wrath:

  • Spammers
  • Abortionists
  • Cigarette manufacturers
  • Illegal aliens
  • Religious proselytizers (why not ignore that part of the Constitution, too?)
  • Cold callers
  • Daytime TV hosts
  • ACLU members
  • Gun shop owners

Et cetera

In Chicago

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Well, not there NOW, but In about an hour and a half I’m headed to Chicago to see family, and will be back home sometime Sunday…

If any of the Chicago folks wanna grab a late meal or a drink, e-mail me asap at

Edit: Outta here in 20 minutes (that’s 5pm Central).  If you wanna meet up and have means of getting ahold of commentor JD, he can give you my number.

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