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Mad About AIG Bonuses?

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Mad about AIG bonuses?  Feel that the taxpayer is getting ripped off?  A humble suggestion:  Make the bonuses toxic.

Seems fair, after all, given that AIG championed the “credit default swaps” that has every bank in the world in shambles.  Toxic bonuses for toxic paper.

Tax them.  Put a tax on carefully-defined bonuses such that any income which includes a 2009 AIG bonus is taxed at, oh, 97% from the first dollar.  Unfair?  No.  Legal? Welllllllllll, maybe not.

But would you deposit the check?

(note: It isn’t ex post facto, see United States v. Carlton 1994)

Update (3/19):  And actually, I’m embarrassed that Congress actually did such an irresponsible thing.  Life imitates jest.  But that’s what clowns are for.

Obama to provide for Gaza rebuilding … but not for injured American vets

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The Obama administration has pledged more than $900 million to help rebuild the Gaza Strip, whose devastation by Israeli forces was precipitated by a series of Hamas rocket attacks on the Jewish state.  The money will be distributed through the UN and other groups.  For anyone who believes that Hamas will not get its hands on the aid and turn American taxpayers’ dollars into bombs and weapons, I’ve got a bridge spanning the Golden Gate I’d like to sell you.

Meanwhile, the President has decided to outsource on the national commitment to military veterans who suffered disabilities and other injuries related to their service.  The administration plans to require private insurers to reimburse the government for such treatment, which would likely make it more difficult for current and future military personnel to obtain private medical coverage.  Obama expects to save $540 million with the plan that reneges on a commitment the country makes to those who risk their lives in order to protect our liberties.

As expected, the American Legion is furious.  In a letter to the President, the veterans group stated, “There is simply no logical explanation for billing a veteran’s personal insurance for care that the VA has a responsibility to provide.”  [emphasis added]

We can’t afford to pay $540 million to care for veterans injured while protecting us from terrorists, but we can afford to throw another $900 million at a terrorist-infested land that hates America!

This would be a perfect juxtaposition for a Republican Party ad campaign designed to increase the momentum of Obama’s slipping approval ratings; it would surely appeal to independents and moderate Democrats.  Do Republican leaders still have a light on?  Or perhaps it could be distributed in the talking points to the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy…

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