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The sign of willful ignorance is an unwillingness to learn

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So, we have all heard about Obama snubbing the UK’s Prime Minister.

Ok, fine.  Tired or not, piles of Clinton-era people who went through foreign leader visit or not, you get a pass on the first one.  We all – especially when we lack any actual skill or training for a job – screw up our first big project.

But Jesus God, the hits just keep on coming.

The Ecuadorian government today expelled Max Sullivan, first secretary of the U.S. embassy in Quito, for interfering in the country’s internal affairs, PL reported.

Or maybe this will amuse you more…

Evo Morales, Bolivia’s president, has ordered a senior US diplomat to leave the country, accusing him of siding with opposition groups in a ”conspiracy” against the government in La Paz.

Ok, that’s not so bad…

Francisco Martinez, the second secretary of the US embassy in La Paz, is the second US diplomat to be expelled from the country in six months.

Well shit

Lets not forget that Morales has banned US anti-drug agents from working in his country, as he calls on the lifting of the ban on coca for some applications, and hopes for the support of President Obama in decriminalizing coca.  When the man speaks of “similarities” between himself and Obama, I must admit my mind did not go directly to “before, nobody believed that an Indian could be president and nobody thought that a black man could be president of the United States”.

The article says that:

Coca, the raw ingredient of cocaine, is used by millions of people in Bolivia and neighboring Peru to fight altitude sickness and stave off hunger. In its natural form, the leaf is also used in teas, in cooking and for religious ceremonies.

Amazing that it has such uses…  I wonder, why might it alleviate symptoms of these conditions…

Oh yeah, because they get freaking HIGH!!!!

*cough*  Sorry, where was I?  Oh yes…

Now, as is tradition when diplomats are booted from the country, Hillary Clinton signed off on booting a few diplomats ourselves.  This is normal, and is the canned response for this kind of thing.  You boot one of ours, we boot one of yours, and life goes on.  Oblah-dee, oblah-dah.

But Obama apparently someone tied to President Obama got in the way, nixing the response.

Awesome.  They can’t even get the simple shit right…

Oh, and lest we forget, apparently that whole “visit by a foreign leader” thing is tough to get a handle on…

But Brazil is already grumbling about the treatment of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who will sit down with Obama this weekend and is the first Latin American leader to visit the White House under the new administration.

Among the errors?  Those things that just a tad bit of thought might have prevented?

Silva aides said the trip was pushed forward from Tuesday because of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday – making Latin America once again look like an afterthought. Then, the White House announcement misspelled his name as “Luis Ignacio” and put “Lula” – a nickname that decades ago became a legal part of the Brazilian leader’s name – in quotes.

I am beginning to suspect that an Obama action figure will come complete with the ability to talk and will feature, amongst other key phrases, “Foreign policy is hard”…

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