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The following items have caught my attention, and my lapsing/remitting ADHD prevents a full post for each (though I can work one up if one of these gets significant attention).  And so without further delay…

I know that most of us thought that the $787 Billion Stimulus bill would be but the first of many, but to be considering another so soon? (Redstate’s got something good on this too, great long quote from Speaker Pelosi

Having already gotten $13.4 Billion (seperate from the Stimulus Bill’s cost, mind you), General Motors wants $16.6 Billion more.

It seems that Sen Dodd (D – CT) might have a bit of a problem in the next election, since he is polling unfavorably already against someone who has merely said he’s considering a run.

Charles Freeman (President Obama’s pick to chair his National Intelligence Council) has asked that his selection not proceed, amid rising criticism due to some statements that suggest anti-Israel and/or pro-China leanings.

Coming soon to an Economy near you: The Botchmen.

Instapundit links to a possible conflict of interest for President Obama’s Urban Czar Adolfo Carrion

Instapundit informs us that the GOP is finally considering ethics turnabout to be fair play.  About damn time.

It seems that all is not Sunshine and Unicorn Farts on the Hill, as boths sides take issue with Obama’s Budget…  If you look close, you’ll see a truly laughable quote from Pelosi regarding unemployment rates.

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