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My last day here

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No, not HERE here.  Granted I’m not posting much anymore, but I’m still around, damnit.

What I mean is that today is my last day employed by the company that has paid me money for showing up since late August of 2005.

Well, those people employed me until Sept of ’08, and then the people that bought the company continued to pay me till now, but you get the idea.

See, the new employers actually enforce their “no family” policy (the company always had one, but it was ignored due to the owner’s son drawing a salary and never, ever working here – doesn’t even live here, ffs), and sicne dad is just slightly more important than I am, this was my last month.  Since I have classes Monday, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Friday, this is my last time sitting at my desk and pretending to work.  Never again will I get hand-cramps from sanding ABS plastic parts that have come out of our rapid prototyper, and then getting midly stoned from the fumes of a laquer-based primer and paint (seriously, there was a month a couple years ago when I painted almost all day, every day, and there is not way to avoid such an effect even with the paint booth’s vent and filter).

So this is it.  I have the bit of paper with my start date (both old and new owners) and all that, and at around 3:30 (central) I’ll be boxing up all the crap that I’ve accumulated while I’ve been here.

I’m not sad, really, but that may change.

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