The Jury Talks Back


By George, I think I’ve got it!

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If Washington thinks Americans will save a tax break instead of spending it, then why don’t they just send us all gift cards?

You can thank me later for saving the country.

I wonder how much I’ll be able to get on eBay for my Medal of Honor.

Programmer who sabotaged city computer network seeks $3 million in damages

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In July, 2008, a San Francisco computer engineer created havoc with the network that he had created for the city’s computers to communicate with each other.  Terry Childs tampered with the network that handled 60% of the city’s electronic information, including sensitive records for law enforcement and payroll.  It is alleged that the city employee had recently been disciplined and was facing termination. 

After creating a password giving himself exclusive access to the system, Childs locked out top administrators, provided bogus passwords to police, and rigged the system to suffer a meltdown during a scheduled power shutdown.  While other city employees discovered the impairment in time to prevent a meltdown, over the following week San Francisco spent about $1.5 million for outside consultants who attempted to regain system access.

Finally, after being jailed for eight days, Childs disclosed the correct passwords to Mayor Gavin Newsom.  Childs, who remains in jail, was charged with four felony counts of tampering with a computer network, denying access to other authorized users, and causing more than $200,000 in losses.

Last month, in a textbook example of chutzpah, Childs filed a $3 million claim against San Francisco for violating his civil rights.  The 44 year-old saboteur claims that his arrest and suspension were based on a false allegation.  According to the San Francisco Examiner, attorney Richard Shikman argues that his client “never intended to harm the system, but may not have followed department protocol.”  The claim is for $1 million each for economic damages, emotional distress, and attorney fees.  The city has denied the claim (Duh!), calling it “completely without merit,” and Childs is expected to respond with a lawsuit.

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