The Jury Talks Back


My Gods

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They really have bought their own hype…

Click on the picture that comes up in the top third. Doesn’t matter which picture it is. Open it in a new window.

Note the directory: “Hero”

That’s right. Instead of an images directory, the Obama White House puts pictures of Obama in the “Hero” directory.

Really, what else is there to say?

I just have no words…

Ok, I lied.  I have words.

“Is it just me, or is the Obama worship starting to remind you of how Kimmy over in NoKo is treated by his ‘loving people’?”

Where Are They Now?

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Back in the misty past of the presidential transition, President Obama introduced an impressive economic team — one to give Hope™ to struggling Americans everywhere.  Warren Buffet, Paul Volcker, Larry Summers, Austan Goolsbee, Peter Orszag, Christina Romer and Timothy Geithner¹ just to name a few.

Then came the Pelosi-Reid Stimulus bill, with full-court opposisiton from the evil ditto-head Republicans, and from the Obama brain-trust comes …… not a peep.

Where is Warren Buffet arguing for propping up state bureaucracies?  Where is Larry Summers defending free prophylactics?  Why isn’t Paul Volker hitting the talk shows in favor of monetizing debt?  Where are they all on the new trade barriers and the “Buy American” plan?

Surely they don’t (very) privately agree with the Great Satan Limbaugh, that this so-called stimulus bill is everything they ever fought against, re-hashed.  Surely not?

Where are they now?

¹except on tax matters

Daschle withdraws…

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I’m trying to find a link to back this up besides a couple of news feeds I follow on Twitter, but it seems that Tommy-Boy has withdrawn from the nomination for HHS…

Edit: Finally got it from Fox News (Though I know the LAT has the story as well – in a few hours I’ll check the Times to compare)

Huh… You mean it didn’t happen that way?

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Go figure…

Seems the IDF didn’t actually fire on that school after all…

Don’t expect this to get a lot of airtime, however, since I’m sure the MSM considers attacking a school to be the sort of thing the IDF would do

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