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What do Bush Derangement Syndrome and Racism Have in Common?

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Just as racism hasn’t ended, neither has Bush Derangement Syndrome.  Jennifer Rubin at Commentary writes,

Two weeks into the Obama administration it is, in some very real sense, a pleasure to  be done with the daily dose of Bush Derangement Syndrome which permeated not just the Left blogosphere, but most MSM coverage and even casual political discourse. It often seemed that pundits as well as ordinary voters were conducting a national contest to accumulate the most reasons to hate the President. Even those who agreed with some of the objections to the Bush administration found the whole tone unfair and tiresome. (Yes, yes, of course we all can’t wait for the new President.)

She quotes Peter Berkowitz of the Wall Street Journal,

Bush hatred and Obama euphoria — which tend to reveal more about those who feel them than the men at which they are directed — are opposite sides of the same coin. Both represent the triumph of passion over reason. Both are intolerant of dissent. Those wallowing in Bush hatred and those reveling in Obama euphoria frequently regard those who do not share their passion as contemptible and beyond the reach of civilized discussion. Bush hatred and Obama euphoria typically coexist in the same soul. And it is disproportionately members of the intellectual and political class in whose souls they flourish.


  1. What’s both funny and sad is the Administration’s desire to replace BDS with Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome.

    Comment by AKA Pablo — 2/1/2009 @ 6:56 am

  2. Things haven’t changed much since we all were kids in the schoolyard. I’ve come to believe that political immaturity is endemic in modern America.

    Comment by Kevin Murphy — 2/1/2009 @ 11:08 am

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