The Jury Talks Back


Nah-nah nah-nah-nah-nah

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Hey hey hey


Now, he’ll make his idiotic statements in front of his house, I’m sure, and we will all roll our eyes and – for the first time for some of us – agree with Chicago Mayor Daley in thinking “cuckoo”

Pat Quinn is now the Governor of Illinois, and maybe he can fix some of Hot Rod’s eff-ups.

And a final note, to paraphrase a bit from the closing arguments: Roddy, in a criminal trial, would certainly have every constitutional right to call whatever witnesses he wished, but he did not have a constitutional right to be Governor.

This was not, in any way shape or form, a criminal trial, so “beyond a reasonable doubt” or the right to call whatever witnesses he liked didn’t apply.  The Illinois Senate adopted these rules knowing that, in the future, they would likely be used against them should it ever come to that.  This was a serious matter, a tone the former Governor apparently did not share since he never so much as appeared during the prior days of the trial.

59-0.  Blago’s out.

Ding dong, the whack-job’s unemployed…

And unable to so much as get elected dog-catcher in Illinois.  Fitting, I think…

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