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Hurry it up, Illinois Senate

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The man isn’t even there.  Then again, I wouldn’t be there either if I knew my ass was going to be kicked to the curb, but his not being there just makes it easier.  Give the evidence (that should take a few days), and vote his sorry ass out.

I’m sick of his whiny, weaselly ass bitching about how “it isn’t fair!!”

Life isn’t fair, cupcake.  Life sucks, get a helmet.

Cowboy the eff up.

Downstate Illinois has put up with your rampant favoritism of all things Chicago.  I’ve had my mom’s pension fund (she’s a teacher) raided twice because you needed the cash.  I’ve seen you hold back state education dollars for down-state schools (my per-credit hour costs have gone up twice in as many years), and I have seen road projects neglected.  I’ve seen state money poured into a Chicago stadium…  THING…  just so you can get the Olympics.

We don’t want the Olympics.  We want roads that don’t ruin tires with their chuck holes.

So go.  Stay the hell away from IL.  You just make it a short wait to boot your ass out.

I hope Quinn has your stuff dumped on the curb.

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